Greg Surges Tabula Rasa Wavetable Module

Tabula Rasa Wavetable Module Designed By
Greg Surges - Pucktronix

The Tabula Rasa is a wavetable oscillator module designed to add digital flavor to your modular synthesizer. An SD card stores 64 waveforms that can be played by the microprocessor. These waveforms can be hand-drawn, or Greg's excellent software can load .wav samples. There's a V/O frequency control. Without a trimmer, users have reported tracking to 3 octaves. With a trimmer, 5 octaves of tracking have been reported. (Trimmer is a modification available on request)

Other controls include a potentiometer marked "Wave Blend" that controls the interpolation between the waves. There's a CV input for this control with a panel mounted attenuator. The "Wave Select" controls which wave is output, again accompanied by a panel mounted CV attenuator.

Please see this thread at for any other related questions, comments, and to see video and audio demos of the module in action. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.